Going Green Matrix

The move to good environmental stewardship and sustainable practice is a significant commitment, both in theory and in practice. The ‘Going Green Matrix’ – a three-tiered chart of practical steps to more ecologically sensitive behaviour – has been designed to assist you.

You’ll find below a list of five focus areas of practice:

On the page for each area, you’ll find a short explanation of the focus, the ‘Going Green Matrix’, a list of some of the steps involved, and some selected resources. The one exception to this is on the Site Development page where a matrix is not included since every unit faces a range of issues that are specific to their context. Some key areas are flagged; you should consult architectural, structure and property experts for advice in any plans to renovate, expand or build.

There are no quick fixes. The matrices are designed to demonstrate the journey toward good environmental stewardship. It will take slow, steady movement, sustained interest and long-term commitment by a number of people to reach these goals. Begin by focusing on the steps that are most easily committed to over time – bite-sized pieces – and return to tackle other issues when the initial goals have been met.

Click here to download a print copy of the matrices.