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Good environmental stewardship happens every day, every minute. It is accomplished in decisions big and small: some that you will make  just once  and never have  to think about again,  others that will have  to be made over  and over  until you accomplish a level of environmental impact that is sustainable over  a long period of time. As outlined previously in this guide, the  principle of ‘sustainability’ is the  point at which the  declining  resources and capacity of the  earth, and increasing human population and consumption stop heading toward each other on a crash course of exhaustion. Sustainability represents the ability of the earth’s systems to run in perpetuity, just as God intended them to, before humans started taking more than their fair share from the earth and severely disrupting the natural order of things. In the everyday life of ministry units, decisions can be made to reduce the negative impact of our practices on the earth and its systems. What and how we eat and drink matters. How we care for our lawns and gardens matters. How we clean things matters. How we run our offices matters. What we wear matters. What we buy really matters. The purchasing guide in this toolkit offers some information on businesses that are thinking about sustainability as they produce the products and services you might need.  Even before you consult them, there are a thousand little things you can do to ‘green’ your practice. Let’s get started!




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