Worship & Ecological Consciousness

God is green and Christians should be too. If anyone should decry the degradation of creation, it should be those who know God and love what God loves. Far too often salvation is understood by Christians to be only for the human soul, a spectacular rescue from this burning planet for eternal life somewhere else. But the story of God told throughout the Bible is one of redemption, renewal and the salvation of all. God loves what God has made.  God cares for it and helps it to flourish. And we should too. The gospel is cosmic in scope. God is working toward the restoration of all created things. Either we’re working with God, or we’re not. Either we’re taking good care of that which God has entrusted to us, in the same manner in which God would care for it, or we’re not. In scripture, God delights in creation and God rejoices in its splendour and possibility, its sheer beauty and magnificence, regardless of its usefulness to human beings. In scripture, God’s people are constantly forgetting who they are in relation to God and their humble place within the system God first designed. Human beings are always trying to be more important than they really are.  Is there any chance that the destruction of the earth has, at its core, the same hubris that got Adam and Eve thrown out of the garden? Is there any chance that, like Adam and Eve, we are ignoring God’s early instruction to live simply and know our place?


Plan ONE worship service or devotional time attuned to environmental sustainability or one environmentally- focused event. Appoint ONE person to care about these things.
Put in place SOME occasional events and activities to raise ecological awareness. Form an ad-hoc committee.
HABITUAL consideration of eco-issues in decision-making and regular life of the ministry unit. Everyone is on board.

Evangelical Environmental Network
Blessed Earth
The Regeneration Project
Canadian Wildlife Federation

Some online articles we think are worth reading:
Ched Myers
Matthew Krick,”Theology of Ecology

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